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A perfect team for solving complex problems in a professional manner


many of our customers are from the usa/eu.

30+apps developed

we have great experience in building web/mobile apps.

5+programming languages

we know top-notch programming languages and frameworks.

3+focus area

we help founders to build great products and b2b companies to optimize their business.

About company

We are a company that believes in people and trust each other, we’re not about processes but about respect and people, also we believe that transparency leads to trust and long-term collaboration with our customers.

We know that is hard to find reliable partners that’s why we build long-term committed relationships with our current customers.

Our focus is quality over quantity that’s why we choose only the best talents to do their best work. We have great experience in working with different industries and have an awesome portfolio of great products.

About team

We’re a talented team that is passionate about the improvement and perfection of our products. We constantly invest to improve ourselves and believe that work and life should be balanced in order to deliver long-run products.

We know how to do Agile and that it’s about the experience, not only words.

We know more than 5 top-notch programming languages and a tremendous amount of frameworks. Anyway, our focus is MERN/MEVN, cloud as AWS, GCP and Firebase, CI/CD tools as CircleCI, and Jenkins tech-stack.

Nasco Grigore's avatar
DevOpsNasco GrigoreJS/TS | Python
Bordei Radu's avatar
Full-StackBordei RaduPython | Tkinter
Dodon Aurel's avatar
Full-StackDodon AurelJS/TS | NodeJS
Ciuchitu Nichita's avatar
Full-StackCiuchitu NichitaJS/TS | NodeJS
Lozan Alexandru's avatar
Full-StackLozan AlexandruJS/TS | C/C++
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Front-EndPopcov ArtiomJS/TS | NodeJS
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How we work

We know that teamwork leads to great results that’s why our talents are open to working in teams following best practices and code standards.

Every new project is inspected by our team leaders and before start working we have several meetings to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers.

By having the right plan and deadlines we split the work in sprints by following agile methodologies like SCRUM and delivering with confidence the product that our customers expect to get.

We constantly show results at the end of each sprint to get approval from our customers that we’re moving in the right direction.

If you are not convinced enough then you can try a small project with us.

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