Performance Tool for Internal Metrics

Lead performance tool that connects data from multiple sources and presents in a beautiful dashboard.




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Orange Belgium’s goal was to build a new internal tool that will allow visualizing financial data collected from many sources into one system.

The data will be collected from different sources, for example, some data should be collected from CSV, XLS files and some data should be collected via different services through rest-API.

Different source channels should be updated frequently and we needed to build a bot that will call regularly those services in order to collect the data.


We were excited to help them and build a great infrastructure that will allow them to vizualize all financial structures in an easy way.

Building the platform was divided into several parts and we started with architecture and database design.

Also, the core of the application was the uploading and integration module that was responsible for importing, cleaning, and transforming data.


The company offers HR services to B2B companies and needed to develop a productivity software application that will automate and help companies to improve their performance metrics.

The application should track and collect employee’s activities and once in 5 minutes send the collected data to the server in order to build informative performance and productivity reports.

The reports will be checked once a week in order to measure remote/in-office performance productivity, also should improve their productivity by settings new goals

That’s what our partner said:

We liked that they were fully engaged and always generated interesting ideas for our project

We liked that they were fully engaged and always generated interesting ideas for our project. The prototyping was fast enough to help us understand what we want to achieve.




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