Computer Monitoring Software

Computer Monitoring Software

StaffMetric is an intuitive and free employee monitoring software with well off productivity reports.

Country Moldova

Launched 2018

Industry SaaS, HR

Tech-Stack Laravel, Vue.js, TypeScript

About the project

StaffMetric is an intuitive and free employee monitoring software with well off productivity reports.

Project Goal

The company offers HR services to B2B companies and needed to develop a productivity software application that will automate and help companies to improve their performance metrics.

The application should track and collect employee’s activities and once in 5 minutes send the collected data to the server in order to build informative performance and productivity reports.

The reports will be checked once a week in order to measure remote/in-office performance productivity, also should improve their productivity by settings new goals.

Our Solution

Before starting with a solution we had several meetings with our customers in order to understand correctly the customer purpose and build the right infrastructure from the start.

The scope was clear and we decided to start by designing the database schema that will serve as a foundation for our server part.

The database should be scalable enough in order to support a big amount of data taking into account all the activities that should be collected from company employees.

The Results

As a result, we developed our tracker using Electron.js Framework that allowed us to build a great tracker that works perfectly for Windows and macOS. We tested thoroughly our clients on each operating system.

The REST-API server was built upon Laravel and we tested each rest-API end-point using automation tests to ensure there are no bugs in production. The results were a very well-balanced rest-API service that was running on PHP7.4 and deployed on DigitalOcean servers.

For the front-end part, we decided to go with Vue.js because we love Vue.js and because of its simplicity and performance. We also used as front-end framework Nuxt.js that helped us a lot to build our front-end part.

Lines of Code
App Development
3 Months
1 PM, 2 Devs, 1 Designer