Desktop Software Development

Build your apps by using the latest tech stack technologies in order to deliver stable and secure applications.

We have great experience in building desktop software using Electron as framework.

We choose Electron because it allows us to ship product faster to the market than traditional way and also bring to us rich eco system and great community.

As it is written in Javsscript we can ensure great code quality and faster delivery. If you want to develop an MVP then it’s a great opportunity to bring the product to the market faster and validate your MVP idea.

What tech-stack we’re using?

We create dekstop software applications using the latest tech-stack to help you focus on your business.


The best solution that fits great and with a custom design is Tailwind CSS. TailwindCSS ships with ready-to-use components that guarantee fast development time and great design.

  • Tailwind CSS

    Tailwind CSS


ElectronJS great framework for building desktop applications.

  • Electron


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Frequently asked questions

What is the best solution for building an MVP for a startup?
If your application needs a Web Application and Mobile Application it’s great to use the PWA which means using the same codebase for the mobile and website, Also your website should be responsive.
Which tech stack is the best for my application?
We recommend starting with the most popular tech stack technologies because the coverage it’s bigger and for you won’t be a problem to find new developers.
What’s included in web development services?
Codebase with the final and ready-to-go code uploaded on a repository(GitHub, GitLab), live website, or mobile application and maintenance if needed.

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