How much does it cost to build an MVP?

How can you save on MVP development by hiring remote developers?

What is an MVP?

Usually, MVP is considered a "minimum viable product with the intent to collect as much as possible validated learnings from first customers".

That means that you should build an MVP app with highly limited features and focus only on the features that your customers would buy from you.

How to start with MVP development?

Building a startup could be tough even for experienced entrepreneurs and in order to save your time and money you should focus on finding the right partners.

They should take into account what you want to build and offer you the right solution in order to achieve your results within your budget.

Building an MVP app with the aim of testing your hypothesis and give you confidence that you’re on the right path then you should do the following things:

  1. Identify your customer profile. (It’s really important to understand who’s your buyer)
  2. Focus on the top 3 problems you want to solve.
  3. Identify your best solutions and present them as features.
  4. Build minimal MVP using top 3 solutions.
  5. Analyze customer feedback and get insights if those features were useful for them.

How much it costs to build an MVP?

Building an MVP should cost less than building a full-featured product, also you should be very patient about what features you should include in your MVP product and if they’re the real problem you solve for your customer.

Therefore I decided to build an online calculator which will help customers to understand how much will cost them to build the first version of an MVP.

On the first step select what type of platform you want to build, and therefore for the selected platform select, all the features will be included in your MVP.

The app calculator will show you the estimative price and the price could range around 20% to 30% and it very depends on what other custom features you want to be included in your last version.

Let me know if the software development calculator was really helpful for you and if you have any additional thoughts on how to improve please let me know.

How we can help you to build faster an MVP?

We have a great experience at building startups as we have gone over that cycle several times by building startups for our customers and for us also.

We learned our primary goals in order to achieve faster validation and how to effectively reduce costs by limit useless features.